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Export Import Policy

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the leading industries in India, and is soon becoming one of the most advanced countries of the world in terms of the growth of the health sector and advancements in pharmaceutical equipments and production of bulk pharmaceutical drugs. Covering many aspects of the industry, the EXIM policy is also prepared keeping in mind the interest of the pharmaceutical machines and drugs manufacturers and the Govt. of India. The government is looking at exim policy options to further grow the country's thriving pharmaceutical industry and check growing examples of takeovers by foreign players.

The import and export of pharmaceutical drugs and pharmaceuticals are regulated through EXIM Policy. India is now globally considered as one of the leading global players in pharmaceuticals. Europe occupies the highest share of Indian pharma exports followed by North America and Asia. The pharma EXIM policy initiatives taken by the Government recently have led to quantitative and qualitative improvements in the Research & Development activities of the industry. The National Pharmaceutical Policy (NPP)'s objective is to ensure availability of lifesaving drugs at reasonable prices.

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