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Angiotensin-converting Enzyme Inhibitors (ACE inhibitors) belong to the first class of anti hypertensive agents. ACE inhibitors are one of the most important group of drugs that prevent early death resulting from heart failure, hypertension, or heart attacks. Some hypertension patients do not respond well to ACE inhibitors alone. In such cases, ACE inhibitors are used in combination with other drugs.

Why are Ace Inhibitors Used?

ACE inhibitors are used for the following:

  • Treating heart failure
  • Controlling blood pressure
  • Preventing strokes
  • Preventing kidney damage of patients with diabetes or hypertension

How do Ace Inhibitors Work?

They work by preventing a chemical in the blood, Angiotensin I, from being converted into a substance that increases salt and water retention in the body. Increased salt and water retention lead to high blood pressure. ACE inhibitors lower the amount of salt and water in your body, which also helps to lower your blood pressure. They block an enzyme in the body that is responsible for causing the blood vessels to narrow. ACE Inhibitors make the blood vessels relax, which allows more oxygen-rich blood to reach the heart and lowers your blood pressure.

Groups of Ace Inhibitors

Depending on the molecular structure, ace inhibitrs can be divided into the following groups:

  • Sulfhydryl-containing agents
  • Dicarboxylate-containing agents
  • Phosphonate-containing agents

Popular Ace Inhibitor Drugs

On the basis of th above groups, the popular ace inhibitors are:

  • Captopril , the first ACE inhibitor (belonging to Sulfhydryl-containing agents)
  • Enalapril, Ramipril, Quinapril, Perindopril, Lisinopril, Benazepril (belonging to Dicarboxylate-containing agents)
  • Fosinopril (belonging to Phosphonate-containing agents)

Ace Inhibitor Drugs for Various Disease Condition
  • Benazepril, Lisinopril and Enalapril: For high blood pressure
  • Captopril and Enalapril: For heart failure
  • Lisinopril: After a heart attack
  • Ramipril: For diabetics
  • Ramipril and Benazepril: For people with kidney disease
Brand Names of Ace Inhibitors in the United States

Accupril (quinapril), Altace (ramipril), Aceon (perindopril), Lotensin (benazepril), Capoten (captopril), Monopril (fosinopril), Prinivil (lisinopril), Mavik (trandolapril), Univasc (moexipril), Prinzide (lisinopril with a diuretic), Vasotec (enalaprilat, enalapril), Vaseretic (enalapril with a diuretic), Zestoretic (lisinopril with a diuretic), Zestril (lisinopril)

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