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Anti Insomnia Drugs

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Anti-Insomnia Drugs are medicines that help people fall asleep or stay asleep.

Physicians prescribe Anti- Insomnia Drugs for short-term treatment of insomnia - a sleep problem in which people have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep or wake up too early and can't go back to sleep. These drugs should be used only for occasional treatment of temporary sleep problems and should not be taken for more than a week or two at a time. People whose sleep problems last longer than this, should see a physician. Their sleep problems could be a sign of another medical problem.


The Anti-insomnia Drug Zolpidem is classified as a Central Nervous System (CNS) Depressant. CNS Depressants are medicines that slow the nervous system. Physicians also prescribe medicines in the Benzodiazepine family, such as Flurazepam, Quazepam, Triazolam, Estazolam, and Temazepam, for insomnia.

Zolpidem is available only with a physician's prescription and comes in tablet form.