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Non Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drugs   Non-Prescription Drugs

Non prescription drugs are drugs that are sold over the counter, which means they are sold without a prescription from a doctor. These drugs are sold directly to the consumers as compared to prescription drugs, which requires a prescription. They are also referred as the over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. In the United States, there are more than 80 therapeutic categories of non-prescription drugs, ranging from weight control drugs to anti-acne to analgesics drugs and many more. These drugs are easily available in local chemists as well as in general stores, supermarkets, gas stations, etc.

Regulations in OTC Drugs

In many countries, OTC or non-prescription drugs are selected by a regulatory agency so as to check the ingredients that are used in the making of drugs are safe and effective when used without a doctor's advise. These non-prescription drugs are usually regulated by active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), not final products. This implies that the governments allow drugs manufacturers the right to formulate ingredients, or combinations of ingredients, to make proper medicinal mixtures. Regulations related to who is authorized to dispense these drugs, to where they are to be sold, and whether a prescription is required vary considerably from country to country. In India. all the drugs that are not included in the list of prescription drugs are considered as non-prescription drugs (or OTC drugs).

Types of OTC Drugs or Non-Presciption Drugs List
  1. Anti-Hemorrhoid Drugs
  2. Topical Antibiotics: Some topical antibiotics are available without a prescription
  3. Cough-Suppressants
  4. Anti-acne Drugs
  5. Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs: Some can be bought over the counter; others are available only with a prescription from a physician or dentist.
  6. Antiseptics
  7. Analgesics
  8. Decongestants: Some decongestant products require a physician's prescription but there are also many non-prescription (over-the-counter) products.
  9. Aspirin
  10. Vasodilators: Some Vasodilators such as Minoxidil are sold without prescription.
  11. Antacids
  12. Expectorants: Many expectorants are available without a physician's prescription.
  13. Anti-fungal Drugs
  14. Anti-Histamines: Some can be bought without prescription.
  15. Anti-gas Agents
  16. Smoking Cessation Drugs: Many drugs can be bought over the counter, without prescription.

Characteristics of Non-Prescription Drugs

Non prescription drugs usually have these characteristics:

  • The benefits of these drugs outweigh their risks.
  • There is low chances for misuse and abuse.
  • Consumer can use them for self-diagnosed health conditions.
  • Thses drugs can be adequately labeled.
  • There is no requirement of health professionals for the safe and effective use of the product.

Prescription Drugs   Non-Prescription Drugs