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Pharmaceutical Equipment

Pharmaceutical equipment is a broad term that includes all the medical equipment ranging from pharmaceutical machinery, medical instruments and devices to all the healthcare equipment. The medical products that are meant to be used in manufacturing and processing of pharmaceuticals and drugs as well as medical instruments used for diagnosis, treatment, and analysis of medical conditions fall in the broad category of pharmaceutical equipment.

The pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers produce a wide variety of machines to cater to the needs of the various segments of the pharmaceutical industry such as pharmaceutical processing equipment for tabletting, powder processing, capsulation as well as R&D equipment and instrumentation, material handling, coating, bulk drug plant installation, packaging machinery etc. Under the broader category of pharmaceutical equipment are also included medical equipment that help in the diagnosis, monitoring or treatment of medical conditions. These medical devices are usually designed with rigorous safety standards. Other medical instruments like surgical tools, biomedical equipment, veterinary medical equipment, lab equipment specially designed for use in pharmaceutical research and development and even home medical equipment are also included in the broad category of pharmaceutical equipment. Here is the list of medical equipment for an easy understanding of all pharmaceutical equipment and machinery.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment

  • Pharmaceutical Processing Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Filling Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Sterilizers
  • Pharmaceutical Sealing Machines
  • Pharmaceutical Labeling Machines
  • Pharmaceutical Vessels
  • Pharmaceutical Mixers
  • Pharmaceutical Washing Machines
  • Pharmaceutical Coating Machines
  • Pharmaceutical Granulators
  • Pharmaceutical Inspection Machines

Pharmaceutical Laboratory Equipment

  • Analytical Instruments
  • Scientific Instruments
  • Medical Device for Research
  • Validation Equipment

Medical Instruments

  • Medical Diagnostic Equipment
  • Surgical Equipment
  • Emergency Equipment

Biomedical Equipment
Veterinary Medical Equipment
Hospital Equipment
Pharmaceutical Software
Used Pharmaceutical Equipment
Home Medical Equipment
Antique Medical Instruments

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